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I went back into my LJ and read some posts from the past. I had quite a few posts about movies. Kitty and I used to be real movie junkies. We were always heading out on the weekend to catch the latest releases. Then we started going to free previews quite religiously. All of that came to an end once we started our Netflix subscription. Going out to a theater became a chore. When you combine high ticket prices with astronomical concession prices and the likely odds of having a screaming baby in the theater, it just seemed better to stay at home and enjoy a movie in the comfort of your own home (especially with a big screen and surround sound.) What I found amusing about my old posts was the number of titles I had no recollection of ever seeing. These were usually big-budget action movies with cookie cutter plots. I should go back and tag all of those posts to see how many reviews I have done over the 12 years I have been here on LJ.

For good measure I'll throw out a couple more today!
"Whiplash" This was nominated for best picture and gave a Best Supporting Actor win for J K Simmons. My opinion of the movie could be summed up by my reaction as the film ended, "Holy fuck!" Yeah. It was that good.

"Print the Legend" I just saw this documentary from Netflix this morning. It's about the explosion of 3D printing within the past few years. If you're a tech geek you'll love this movie. It's amazing how small companies have gone from garages to high rises in such a short period of time. It's really about the men who are the new Gates/Jobs of the industry.

"Life Itself" This is the documentary about the life of film critic Roger Ebert. It was painful to watch his cancer-destroyed face toward the end of his life, but his life story was pretty amazing especially how he and Gene Siskel changed the movie review business and the whole movie industry. I grew up with their reviews since they got their start on WTTW in Chicago in the 70's. And until next time...the balcony is closed.
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