Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Geology Fail

I just wanted to go on the record that I blew it when I said just over a month ago that Pahoa, HI would probably be in the news again shortly because a new lava flow was heading for the town. Ah! How fickle the goddess Pele can be! The Hawaii Volcano Observatory downgraded their warnings a couple of days ago. It appears that most of the action has shifted "upstream" closer to the volcano. From what I have been reading, the "plumbing" of a volcano is a pretty complex thing. One minute the lava is heading one way and the next day it's heading in a different direction. Tubes get plugged which forces the lava to find new paths. It's all pretty fascinating stuff! Every morning I check out the Kilauea webcams to see how much activity is going on. Once in awhile there will be a nice glowing red fountain, but usually it's just a red glow in the sky. Like scritchwuff, I'd really love to stare down into the lava pit, but our nannies at the Park Service have deemed that too unsafe. Hey! If I want to become a sacrifice to Pele, that's my business! It won't be a particularly good sacrifice because I am far from being a virgin. *snerk*
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