Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Goin' to SoCal

It looks like my plan is getting close to being finalized. I have been spending a lot of $$$ doing remodeling on FurCentral. I got a call from a real estate agent and it looks like there is a motivated buyer. My other real estate agent in Garden Grove has been negotiating with the property owner next to the Prancing Skiltaire and we're close to reaching a deal. What that means is that the awesome furry scene in SoCal is going to be that much more awesomer! I've been having a real bad time at work here and I'm close enough to retirement that I decided "Fuck this!" Life is too short to deal with this mundane shit. I'm going to do what makes me the happiest. I'm going to open the new house up to any and all furs and essentially throw a 24/7/365 furmeet/con. The house is really great and will support a headless lounge that will be better than anything at a con. I plan on spending as much time in fursuit as possible as well. I'm getting more and more sick of my human form. I hope to hire a few top-notch fursuit makers to set up shop in what will be a state-of-the-art fursuit-making studio. The house will truly be Fur Central! I'm also looking for good DJ's for the non-stop dance as well. If you want to try your paws out on the decks, just let me know. There will be no need to go to cons anymore! Any time you need a furry'll know where to go! The party will last until the money is gone. After that...who cares!
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