Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Snacky Mouse

Here's proof that internet advertising works! I must have looked at a funny cat video or something because I kept getting sidebar ads for cat food and cat treats. One ad that popped up was from Temptations cat treats that was promoting something called "Snacky Mouse." It was a cat toy that you loaded up with cat treats and the more the cat played, the more treats would be dispensed. I just became enamored with the name. I just loved to say "Snacky Mouse!" I even found a YouTube video of a bunch of kittens playing with Snacky Mouse and thought it was adorable (especially since 2 of the kittens looked exactly like Billie and Diva). I think I must have started to drive Kitty nuts with me joking about Snacky Mouse. On her trip to Target she decided to look in the pet section to see what the heck I kept talking about. She found it! A little while later I was turning our cats loose on Snacky Mouse. Let's just say that it became an instant hit. Within a few hours Billie was furiously playing with Snacky Mouse trying to get more treats out even though it was empty. This morning I found Snacky Mouse dismembered in the kitchen. I re-filled it with treats, popped the head back on, and returned it to the kittens. Who knew that Snacky Mouse could be so much fun! Snacky Mouse!
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