Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

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A mild quandry

Well, it looks like I will be in Denver on Mar 21 for a meeting on Mar 23. I tacked on some time to hang with the CO furs. After the meeting on the 23, I fly to another meeting in Salt Lake. Those meetings end on Thur. I decided to tack on a few days to spend with wipeout_ut and of course my sweetie overzen. Now here is the "dilemma." I was scheduled to make my first performance as Zunipup on Sunday. Now, should I cancel the gig to spend an extra day in SLC, or should I return on Saturday evening? Perhaps there's an early Sunday flight as well. Also realize that Zen will be here next week, so we will have seen each other less than a week before. Then again, it is only one fursuiting gig. There will be others. *gets dizzy from chasing tail* So, I'm looking for opinions. They're like assholes. Everyone has one and the only one that doesn't stink is your own.
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