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I've noticed that "Queer Eye.." has been coming on in my area around 6p. This is good because that is the time I'm either eating dinner or doing chores around the house. So I have been watching it the past several days. I know the pros and cons of the show have been debated ad nauseum, but I thought I would throw in my 2 cents.

It's basically "Martha Stewart's Living," lots of products and ideas that no common person who is on a budget both in money and time could afford. Yesterday they went into an Armani shop and bought jeans. WTF!?!?! If the show really wants to appeal to the commoner, why not show how stylish one could be by shopping at Wal Mart or Sears? Sure! If someone handed me a free credit card, I could look like a million bucks too! I was talking to dexter_fox about this last night. We were talking about spa treatments (yes, very ghey) and I told him that I had seen a segment on the "Today Show" where they took a couple in for a makeover. One day spa treatments were like $500 for a couple. WTH! Put that money aside and take a nice 3-day cruise somewhere!

So basically, the "gayness" of the show means nothing. It's nice that gays are out there in the mainstream media being portrayed in a positive light, but what they're doing could be done just as well by a straight group a la "Trading Spaces" and other shows like that. It just felt very weird seeing a gay man telling a straight man how to romance his woman. Wouldn't you want someone with some experience to provide you with sound advice?

And I do enjoy the cooking section because I do love to cook. But once again, I can get that from Emeril or a host of others just as easily. And I don't think they will cover Mac-n-cheese with tuna fish. Sorry, overzen.
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