Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Back on the Mainland

I'm typing this from PHX after an overnight flight from Maui. I thought I would do a quick post now and perhaps post a few more pics tomorrow. After our snorkeling adventure the only other thing on our plate for the day was to attend a luau for dinner. Think of it as a dinner theater. There was a big buffet of Hawaiian specialties, bottomless mai tais, and finally a very well-produced hula show. I certainly left stuffed to the gills.

Our last day on the island started off with lazy time. We sat around the condo, cooked up a big breakfast, and got all of our stuff packed. We hit up a local fruit store which was more tourist trap than anything else. Next was Iao Valley state park with gorgeous views up a deep green valley. Finally we drove around the north side of the island which became quite the adventure. There were parts of the road which were almost worse that the one on the south side of the island. There was much cussing and shouting as Kitty almost drove over a cliff, but the bottom line was that we made it. We walked around the town of Lahaina which is a nice little tourist town (and where our luau was the night before). We had dinner at the Maui Brewing Co brewpub, and then it was time to hit the airport. All that remains is to get home to ABQ.
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