Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Hawaii: Final Thoughts

Overall it was a great trip. We pretty much saw everything that we had wanted to see. It was both busy and relaxing. Most importantly the drama stayed in the green zone. We got to try local specialties like poke and moko loko. The snorkeling was great. I got to geo-geek out and witness one of the truly great spectacles of nature. We stayed in some truly remarkable places, and the overall cost of trip was really reasonable. I would say that the only downsides were that there seemed to be not enough "chill time" although dinners on balconies with ocean views were extremely relaxing. The beaches we visited were very "meh" in my opinion. I would have liked more time to explore a little more to find that perfect white sand beach with crystal blue water. Island hopping had its pluses and minuses. Each island has a different character, so it was nice to see the variety. Oahu is a very developed and urban island. The Big Island is more rural and laid back. Maui is a combination of both where there are mega-resorts for people to chill and relax. Packing up and moving to another island every few days takes away from the relaxation especially wasting time in airports and at rental car desks.

It seems that every trip/con that we all participate in, there comes forth some sort of catch phrase. This time it was the "catch musical phrase:" the evil tiki theme from "The Brady Bunch" when they visited Hawaii. Al was cursed because he made a necklace out of some coral and a palm leaf. I was cursed because I took a piece of the lava from the 2014 flow. Oh noez! Perhaps this "coconut crud" we have is because of that! *cue theme*

So I'll finish with a few pics from the last day of the trip. First, here's the Street View of the road where Kitty almost cursed us all.

The green was so intense it almost freaked me out. I've been in the desert too long! The Iao Valley State Park.

The drive to the NE corner of Maui sucks, but you're rewarded with views like this (if you can take your eyes off of the road for a sec)

And finally....ALOHA!
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