Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Happy Mt St Helens Day!

Geo-geek time! It was 35 years ago today that Mt St Helens blew her top and told folks in the NW to kiss her ash. I was still in high school at the time and had only a rudimentary understanding of geology, but I was definitely a disasterologist and thought the eruption was pretty damn cool! It would be another 11 years before I stood on the southern rim and gazed down onto the smoking dome inside the blown-out crater. I also made an illegal attempt to hike into the crater a few years later but was stopped short by a cliff. I still remember being scared shitless as rocks constantly tumbled down around me in the highly-unstable environment. I did get a pretty cool eye-level view of the dome which I kept waiting to explode again, sending rocks flying at me with a velocity of bullets from a gun. I visited the site again a few years ago on my Epic Rainfurest Road Trip in 2012. Perhaps it was just the off-season and people were not visiting the site, but the poor condition of the road also told me that people really don't care as much about the eruption so many years later. It's like visiting that lava flow in Hawaii a few weeks ago. Now that it's out of the news, nobody cares. Mt St Helens also makes me feel old. As I said, I saw the total devastation on the news and visited the site with my aunt several years later. Now there are full-grown trees on the mountain's flank. It has been a great natural laboratory to see how the environment can recover after such a cataclysmic event, and I have gotten to see it in my lifetime.
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