Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Park Service Fail

The saga of having the National Park Service (NPS) as a neighbor has been well documented in this LJ. For years there was no sort of barrier between Petroglyph National Monument and the surrounding desert. During that time I did battle with tards who would drive up in back of FurCentral to party, dump trash, or have sex. Finally a few years ago the NPS erected a fence to delineate its boundary. This did me no good because they didn't extend the fence across the road. The illicit activity continued. Finally development started up on the mesa and the fence was largely destroyed. I often wondered why the NPS put up the fence only to have it destroyed a year or so later. Why waste taxpayers' money? Once the development was completed last year, a new fence went up. This time it went across the road in question. Joy! I have no idea about the history of this fence. Did the contractor build it to replace the one it destroyed? Was it always part of plan and the NPS really never had to put up its fence earlier? I had assumed the fence was constructed with the knowledge of the NPS. One thing that was included in the new fence was pedestrian access. At a few places there was a break in the fence with a serpentine path through it that would be easy for a person to pass through but definitely not an ATV or dirt bike. I doubt that even a mountain bike could easily make it through. It's somewhat of a moot point since the fence is made of non-barbed wire. Mesa and I easily crawl through it every day on walkies. I just thought it was nice that they put the breaks in for hikers. Last week, however, I noticed that the NPS has barricaded the openings and put up signs informing the public that these are for official use only by the NPS and even say to call police if you see unauthorized people using it. Really?!? Why even put the breaks in the fence in the first place if no one is supposed to use them?!? The NPS does charge a fee to get into one section of the monument, but it's pretty ridiculous to assume that scores of people are going to be going up on the mesa just to get free access into the park. I walk there every day and have never seen anybody doing that. It's most likely just another example of government bureaucracy that you're not supposed to understand. It makes sense to one person (probably someone in charge) and that's all it takes.
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