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Normally I use that word in a negative sense. People get all angsty about loneliness, lack of money, boredom, he-said-she-said type squabbles, etc. In the grand scheme of things they are pretty insignificant, but at the time they make seem like the end of the world. I can talk since I am just as guilty as the next person. I try to keep it at a minimum however since I can't stand drama queens. (I just like queens *giggles*)
Then there are the time where the drama is real; life altering events that are true turning points. They are dramatic and traumatic.

So last night my bearish altruism was stretched to the breaking point. One of my dearest friends finally came out of the closet to his mother. Having just experienced that several months ago, I could identify. I sat at the computer with tears in my eyes chatting with a mutual friend who was helping out. I could feel the pain and anguish through the screen. I finally got a phone call from my friend and we talked for a few minutes. I felt so powerless being so far away, but I tried to send healing and calming vibes.

As I was trying to sort things out, I get another message from the mutual friend. Her aunt with whom she was very close had just died. WTF?!?! Could more hurt and pain be heaped on this person in one day? All I wanted was for her to make it home safely, which she did. Thank doG that I was also chatting with overzen at the time. I needed to have love close by to give me strength.

I've chatted with both friends this morning. Both are hurting, but are "fine." I'll continue to make myself available to them when they need big bear shoulders to cry upon.
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