Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Part of my morning routine is to do a quick read of the comics. It has sometimes been a chore to do so at work because the gov't is constantly playing with the "nanny filter" on what is appropriate and what is not. I used to read GoComics but that got blocked. I then switched to Yahoo Comics which wasn't blocked. Yahoo has been the shitz as of late, however, so I checked back in with GoComics. It is now unblocked. While reading my regulars I decided to check out some new names. I was pleasantly surprised to see old furry favorites going mainstream like Ozy and Millie although I think these are just archived strips. I found a cute comic "Molly and the Bear" which is really well drawn. Another find was "Endtown" which had an anthro character pop up when I hovered over the link. I was blown away by the artwork. My first thought was "If this guy ain't a furry, then I don't know what." Looking at some of the stuff about the artist I see that he has appeared at AC. I knew it! I'm just happy to see this stuff on mainstream comics sites! I have followed so many strips over time. So many have come and gone. Sometimes there is a disruption like losing access at work. Sometimes a strip just gets stale or jumps the shark *cough* "Jack" *cough* Sometimes an artist just has a meltdown and disappears. Oh well. It seems like there is no shortage of good stuff out there.
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