Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Fun With Reptiles

Yesterday I encountered a gopher snake while out on walkies. I managed to sneak up on it which allowed me to gently pick it up. One of the habits of the gopher snake is to mimic a rattlesnake when bothered. In previous encounters with gopher snakes they furiously shake their tails and hiss to sound like a rattle. This guy was pretty docile. I could feel his tail shaking in my hand, but I kept his head on the ground which I have learned tends to keep them calmer. I gently guided him off the trail and into the surrounding desert.

Earlier in the day I had rescued a small lizard from the cats who had captured it. I guided it onto my hand and my compassion was rewarded with the little bastard biting me. It didn't break the skin, be it glomped down hard enough that it dangled from my hand as I held it up. Had it been a cartoon it probably would have been growling like a pit bull. I should have just turned it loose and have its fate decided by the kitties, but I was nice and let the little ungrateful sucker loose under a bush well away from the feline tormentors.
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