Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Just Chillin' ... or not

Just over 2 years ago I posted that I thought the fridge was on its last legs. It was making a weird noise, and I was waiting for that fateful day when it would give up the ghost. The noise went away and everything was fine. A few weeks ago another noise started. I decided to wait that one out as well. Hopefully it would go away and everything would be fine. No such luck. Yesterday I went to grab some ice and stuck my hand into a pool of water. Everything in the freezer had started to defrost. I went into emergency panic mode and frantically started making room in the spare fridge out in the garage. Kitty and I managed to move most of the contents from one to the other in about 30 minutes. So now the fun begins of shopping for a replacement. Like I commented 2 years ago it is probably more cost-effective to buy a new fridge as opposed to putting money into the old one. I'm probably looking at a $500 repair bill which is half the cost of a nice new one. I'm sure technology has also improved over the past 16 years, and units are more energy efficient. We shall see.

Oh...and speaking of ice...YAY BLACKHAWKS!!!
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