Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Old Movie Fest

While looking through the list of movies that had won a Best Picture Oscar, I realized there were quite a few titles that I had not actually seen although I had assumed I had. This started a whole list of movies with very familiar titles that I knew about, had probably seen bits and pieces of over the years, but I never actually watched the entire thing. Thanks to Kitty who used to buy dvd's at the drop of a hat (and sometimes never even watch them) I was able to get a few off of my "must see" list.

"My Fair Lady" - Won Best Picture in 1964. I knew many of the show tunes, knew the story line, but had never actually watched it.

"Sound of Music" - Won Best Picture in 1965. This one surprised Kitty. It is one of her favorite movies. How can anyone have not seen this film?!? Easy. It tends to be on t.v. every Christmastime. I have probably seen the entire movie in bits and pieces over the past decades, but never the entire thing in one sitting. I think it clocks in over 3 hours if you watch it on tv with commercials. Now I don't have to watch it this Christmas.

"Mary Poppins" - Nominated for Best Picture but lost to "My Fair Lady" How could I have missed this Disney classic?!? I have no idea. It was when we watched "Saving Mr Banks" last year that I realized I have never actually watched the entire thing.

"Breakfast at Tiffany's" - Sure. I can hum the song by Deep Blue Something, but I couldn't tell you a thing about the actual movie. There's even a big movie poster with Audrey Hepburn that hangs prominently at the restaurant where we like to eat breakfast. But what about the movie? *shrugs* It was available on Netflix so I gave it a watch. Meh. OK. The cat was cute.

I think I shall continue my quest to watch old films that were the "thing" in their time. It's actually kind of fun to see how things have changed over the decades. Next up..."Cabaret!"
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