Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Yard and Mesa Update

It was a nice weekend to chill and decompress. My sis was supposed to have come out to help me plant my xeriscape garden, but bro-in-law had some medical issues so we postponed until next weekend. This allowed me to do a whole bunch of little tasks around the yard such as clean out the patio roof cover gutters, trim a tree, pick up dog poop, transplant some aloe vera plants, and re-arrange the patio furniture to improve traffic flow. The weather was so gorgeous that it was a pleasure to be outside. I grilled up some mahi mahi that we had picked up on sale, and Kitty and I had a lovely romantic dinner outside.

Today on walkies I noticed that there will be several homes going up on the mesa in the near future. Several foundations were being laid or getting prepared to be laid. The (in)famous Unit 18 (the condo development I have already posted about) now has a wall completely encircling the property. That's a wall around 7.9 acres. I did the math. That's 2,346' of cinder block wall, sometimes 10' high. I would be totally pissed if I had purchased a property around the edges of Unit 18. You would walk out into your back yard and be confronted by a 10' block wall. Forget any views of the Sandias or of pretty much anything else! Something else I have noticed about the houses going up, and perhaps it's the new trend in home building. It seems that no one has a garage that exits directly onto the street. Perhaps it's being done for aesthetics, but it looks like it would be a pain in the ass to have to make a sharp 90-degree turn from a narrow driveway into the garage. *shrugs* I've been noticing a lot of weird stuff with the new homes. Oh well. Not my money!

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