Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Last Summer on Earth Tour

On Friday night Kitty and I went to a concert at our local Indian casino. We got to see Colin Hay (lead singer for Men at Work(MaW)), The Violent Femmes (VF), and Barenaked Ladies (BnL). Let's just say that we had an incredible time. We had seats in row 17. almost dead center. Colin opened up with a solo acoustic set of only 4 songs including 2 MaW songs, "Overkill" and "Down Under," and 2 from his solo career. The amphitheater was only about half full while he performed. I couldn't believe that such a concert would be so poorly attended. People continually trickled in for the next hour until about 80-90% of the place was full. The weather was absolutely perfect with temps in the upper 70's/low 80's and no threat of rain.

Next up were the Violent Femmes who were one of THE "it" bands when I was going to college. I don't think you could pass a frat house without hearing "Kiss Off" or "Blister in the Sun" blaring out of a window. They really rocked out!

Finally BnL came out and put on a terrific show. I had read in the liner notes of their live "Rock Spectacle" cd that their concerts are full of bantering with the audience, breaking into cover versions of various rock songs, freestyle rapping, and adapting songs for local venues. They did not disappoint. I think they really loved ABQ from how they gushed about red and green chile and how awesome it was to tour all of the sites from "Breaking Bad." They even made up a song called "Better Call Saul." During "If I had $1,000,000" they replaced "gourmet ketchup" with "red and green chile." The highlight of the concert to me was when they called Colin Hay back on stage along with the saxophonist from the VF and did a killer version of MaW's "Who Can It Be Now." Once again it is nice to have local venues that can get good acts that are affordable to see.
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