Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Toadally Cool

Last night was pertty typical. We had dinner. We watched a movie, the Oscar-nominated documentary "The Last Days in Vietnam" (good stuff!). I then went outside to enjoy the evening. As I walked out onto the patio I noticed a large lump on the walkway to the upper patio. WTH was that?!? It turned out to be a great plains toad! This wasn't the first time I have found them in the yard. I had to check my LJ archive, but it was during a furmeet in 2010 when someone brought one to me saying they had found it in the grass. I think I may have seen one more between then and now, but it was a real treat to find one again. But wait! I went up to the upper patio and I found another one! Sweet! It hopped away and I settled down in a chair to look at the stars. I heard a *plop* behind me and found a third one! The good monsoon season must have really stirred them up! Perhaps FurCentral was turning into ToadYiffCentral *lol* I'll have to go outside tonight to see if I can get some pics. I think d_bandit wrote in the 2010 post that I should kiss one. Perhaps it would turn into a nice twinky prince. Nah. I'm a furry. I would want to transform into a toad instead. *grins*
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