Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Chile Time!

The green chile harvest has begun! Roasters are popping up in parking lots all across the city. Soon the air will be thick with the aroma or roasting chile. Normally Kitty and I have waited until Labor Day to buy a bag/box, but this year we decided to get an early jump on things. We bought a 25-lb box at our local supermarket, had it roasted, then took it home to peel, seed, and bag. Many folks just bag up the roasted chile right away to freeze. We have always done the prep work right away so that we have bags ready to go for cooking. We started off with 400 oz. I figured that we would lose about half with stems, seeds, and peels, so I calculated we would end up with about 40 5oz bags. We ended up with 44. Not bad! We had bought medium-heat peppers but there must have been some hot mixed in (that, or it was "New Mexico medium" which would be "hot" anywhere else). My fingers were numb by the time we finished. So I can once again savor my "Albuquerque Turkey" sammiches I make for lunch loaded with chile and avocado.
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