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I got to work this morning and found out they I no longer had Internet access. Don't worry. It wasn't because I got busted reading "Kevin and Kell" every morning or being a chat slut. No, all Department of Interior (DOI) employees (except the Park Service and USGS) have lost Internet access AND email from now until who knows thanks to a judges ruling.

Some history:

A few years ago it was determined that the DOI had misplaced a few billion dollars of Indian trust asset money, mainly due to sloppy work at the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). A judge ruled that all outside access to DOI computers should be immediately terminated so that records could not be altered or tampered with. It seems that the DOI system was so full of holes that any hacker could have broken in and stolen or manipulated millions of dollars of funds. So a few years ago, we were without the Internet for about 6 months. During this time I perfected the "sneaker Net." I would drive over to the Corps of Engineers building with a floppy disk, download the data I needed, and then drive back to my office where I could use the data to run my water accounting model.

The DOI told the judge that measures would be taken to plug all of the holes if he would just lift his ban. He agreed. We had the Net again! Until today. It seems that an independent contractor (IBM) still found the system riddled with holes. The court document listed several items that showed how insecure the system was. The funniest was a sys admin who realized that his system was being checked, so he simply pulled the connection and said that all was good, while it was being checked.

So, long story more chatting during the day for this bear. No LJ posts. Not even any email. I have already installed a few games which will occupy my down time. And there should be a lot of downtime since I no longer have access to data I need to do my job. My prediction is that this will not be resolved until 2005. So.....until further notice, I will only be online after 6pm Mountain Time. *hugs* I will miss a lot of you.
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