Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Job Perk

It seems that a lot of job "perks" keep falling by the wayside either from people abusing the system thereby causing more restrictions, the need of upper management to show they're doing something by passing more rules and regulations, or budget cuts which make it difficult to travel and.or attend conferences. There is one perk, however, that our team in water management have had for the past several years. Since we work diligently with our sister agency in providing high flows on summer weekends for recreational purposes i.e. whitewater rafting, that agency puts together a short rafting trip for the people who help make it happen. I tried to go last year, but the weather was really crappy, as in you might get hypothermia. This year was just splendid. The river goes right through the heart of Georgia O'Keefe country. I've probably posted about the trip in earlier LJ's (too lazy to look). I started off in an inflatable kayak like I had done before, but something didn't feel right. I went through one rapid just fine, but on the second rapid things went to hell. About halfway through my backrest collapsed, and I started floating through on my back. I had a panic attack. My mind started racing. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't gain my composure. I bobbed along trying not to flip, but was constantly thrown onto my back. The guide, who was in a raft just in front of me, asked if I needed help. I screamed, "YES!" He pulled into an eddy at the end of the rapid and waited for me. I managed to get to shore and just collapsed trying to catch my breath. I switched with someone in the raft and then had an enjoyable float the rest of the way. I knew the worse rapids were at the end and I just had this impending sense of doom if I had stayed in the kayak. As it turned out another raft hit a rock and sent 2 people swimming. These are not big rapids at all. They're only class III. I have done them before. I just had this bad feeling that I didn't want to tempt fate. I would rather enjoy the scenery as opposed to worry about drowning. Oh, and the scenery...

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