Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Kitty Update II

Kitty was supposed to be released to rehab today, but the bureaucracy said "no no no." So she has one more night in the hospital before being released. The overall prognosis is good. I asked if she was going to need a walker or cane in the long run, and was told that she should be just fine on her own within a few months. She's still a little depressed about the whole thing (well, duh!), so any words of encouragement from her friends via email or IM or text message would be appreciated. I'm hanging in there as well. I have discovered that I have a low threshold of empathy. I started to realize this when I had to take care of my mom for a few weeks last year. I get emotionally burned out very quickly when it comes to caring for others. I want people to be 100% in terms of taking care of themselves so when they fall to only 80 or 90%, I want to get in their faces like a drill instructor and tell them that failure is not an option. In terms of life, however, that is the only philosophy to have. The only option to life is death, and that sucks.
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