Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Po Po Fail

My schedule for taking Mesa for his walkies has been all messed up over the past week (I wonder why!) The other day I ended taking him out just before sunset. I noticed a new house had sprung up that day. A pick-up truck pulled up and 2 people walked around the newly-constructed frame. There's nothing unusual about that since contractors work all sorts of weird hours and I think some houses are being built by the owners themselves. I then noticed that they were rummaging through the piles of wood that had been delivered and putting some in the back of the truck. It then clicked that these lowlifes were looting the site. I called 911 and made a report. It was hard to give any sort of accurate description since they were over 100 yards away, but I just kept updating the dispatcher as to what they were doing in hopes that the popo would show up. Either they saw me or had stolen enough stuff, but they hopped in their truck and sped off. One of the frustrating things is dealing with all of the "cute" Hispanic names for many of the streets. I'm trying to describe that they're one block south of Petirrojo. "Huh? Could you spell that?" *facepaws* BTW, I just learned that it's "robin" in Spanish. I made it almost home before I saw the first cop car in the area. That was about 10 minutes later. I then got a call from the dispatcher saying that they couldn't find any house under construction at the location I had given. Duh! I was 2 blocks away when I placed the call, but there is only 1 house under construction (let alone anything else!) within a couple of blocks. Oh well. I tried to help out. Hopefully the scumbags didn't get away with too much.
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