Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Professor Bear

It has been about 26 years since I taught my last geology class, but today I gave a talk to a class of hydrology students at the UNM. A co-worker is teaching the class, and she enjoyed a talk I gave to the office regarding the spill at the Gold King Mine that she invited me to present that talk to her class. I was so honored! My supervisor was all on board with it, so I gave the lecture on work time. It certainly got the wheels turning about what to do during retirement. I certainly don't mind teaching, especially if it's on topics I enjoy. I definitely salute those on my LJ who step up to the task of educating people. I certainly left the classroom with a sense of accomplishment. I was most happy on the walk back to the parking lot when a student in the class approached me and told me he enjoyed the class. I shook his hand and thanked him for giving me such a compliment. Good vibes.

Oh! And speaking of good vibes....Kitty is home! I picked her up at the rehab facility in the morning and brought her home! She is SOOOOO happy to be home! I'm also so happy that this ordeal is entering a stage of more normalcy. To celebrate I ordered tickets to the stage productions of "A Christmas Story" and "The Producers." Life is getting back to the way it was!
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