Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Mom Visit Review

I arrived back home yesterday after an uneventful flight from Chicago. I was just amazed at how many people were at Midway at 6:30a. The flight was also 100% full. I just settled in with my book, and the 2+ hours zipped by. Mom is still chipper but definitely slowing down. I'm not too happy that she insists on driving herself around, but I will give her that big dose of freedom and independence. I just get mad when she keeps putting money into her 20-year old Buick to allow herself to drive maybe 100 miles in a month. *shrugs* As long as she's safe.

I didn't feel like doing anything particularly "fun" on this trip. I guess I just enjoyed having a little downtime after Kitty's ordeal. I thought about this on one of my longer walks through the old "hood." I just felt very antisocial. I could have looked up some old college buddies or perhaps a furiend, but I just didn't want to bother. I thought about hopping on the "L" to go downtown, but I remembered that a new fare system seemed like a total hassle, so I nixed that idea. I walked past my grandmother's/aunt's house that I hadn't been inside since the mid-70's and realized how odd it was that a place could have so many memories for me some 40 years later especially since I was so young at the time. I also had fun playing "what was here 40 years ago" as I walked past all of the little stores on the main streets. I realized that not much had really changed deep down. One group of immigrants has been replaced by another. Grocery stores are now supermercados. Meat markets are now carnicarias. My Mom showed me a pic that my cousin had found of my grandfather's store with my Mom behind the counter. It was an awesome find!

I adapted to the surroundings myself when I wanted to relax outside. The view around my mom's house is a far cry from the view on my patio, but I made the best of it. I grabbed a glass of whiskey and sat out on the front stoop to watch the world go by. When I wanted a little more privacy I would sit out in the backyard. It wasn't very relaxing since the house is right under a takeoff path of Midway just about 4 miles away. It didn't matter all that much since a cold front blew through after my 2nd or 3rd day there making it uncomfortable to sit outside for any length of time. I still braved the chilly winds to do my daily walk along the "Racetrack" to do some trainspotting. I mentioned in a previous post that we went out for Bohemian food for Mom's birthday. She later suggested that we go out to a Polish buffet for another dinner. Dang! I forgot how great that could be! And with Polish beer on tap! It was definitely not a healthy dinner! So now I'm getting back into my old routine here. Hopefully Mom will continue to take care of herself so I can be there next year for her 90th birthday.
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