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We managed to crawl out of bed by about 10 this morning. My boss called and asked where I was. I was going to feed her a bull story about being sick, but as it turned out, I really was sick. sort of. I had lunch at our favorite Thai restaurant yesterday and it came out extra spicy. At one point I had inhaled a pepper and started coughing/choking. The spicy food decided to leave my body all through the night. Yes! Attack of the Flaming Colon! So I didn't get much sleep. The fake headache I was supposed to have ended up being a real one. Since my boss had been at the restaurant, she knew about the food and excused me. Whoot!

Zen and I ate cereal on the patio dressed in our footed animal pj's. It was so nice! I then took him on a hike in a nice little stretch of forest not too far from town. On the way back I drove him through the University of New Mexico campus so he could get an idea about the school he hopes to be attending in the Fall for his graduate studies. I then treated him to some fine New Mexican cuisine at Gardunos. By the end of the year, every fur will know what a sopapilla is. *grins*
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