Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Blue Lives Matter

I'm no fan of the police especially as more and more reports come out about abuses of authority. I especially hate the hero worship that gets flung into my face when the media gets on its kick of "let's love the police and military unconditionally!" It may be an extremely tough job, but it's just that, a job. You made the choice. That's not saying that there are no true heroes in those groups, but just because you put on that badge or uniform you instantly become a superhero. Here in ABQ things have swung violently both ways. On one extreme we have a bunch of cops killing a bum just because he was illegally camping. On the other side we had an officer killed by a bixnood piece of shit who had a stolen license plate. There was a funeral procession for the officer yesterday that went right past the office. Officers from around the state (and beyond) came out to pay respects. The procession of police vehicles took 27 minutes to pass. From everything that I have heard, the officer was one of the good ones. He had a long military record and then joined the police force. On the whole I think police get a bum rap because usually when you hear "I dindo nuffin!" yeah, you probably did. And there is a lot of scum in the city. There was the shooting of a 4 year old girl a couple of weeks ago and there was also the attempted robbery of the ex-CNN anchor whose husband took care of the bixnood himself but also got shot in the process. I just think there has to be an overall dialing back of all the violence. I also think the cops need to stop worrying about people speeding and jaywalking and start concentrating on the crackhead thugs robbing businesses at gunpoint. Our county district attorney is a piece of work. Yesterday she was asked about "revolving door justice" that are letting all of these violent thugs on the street. She complained that the workload is just overwhelming. Boo hoo! You're in charge! Hire more people! Get more resources! You were elected to take care of business! Do your job!
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