Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

A few days ago I noticed a lizard in a plastic tub on the patio. I wasn't sure if it could get out or not, but I figured it was safer in there as opposed to turning in loose only to become a cat toy. The next day we had a storm and the temps fell sharply. My lizard friend was now belly-up in a shallow pool of water. Awww. I scooped it up but noticed that there was no rigor mortis. Perhaps it was just really cold. A few years ago I rescued a lizard from Mesa's water bowl. The water was cold, so I put the little guy in the sun. A few minutes later it was scampering off. Perhaps this one was the same way. I took it inside and put it inside of a small glass vase. Sure enough, an hour later it was moving around. Yay! Since the sun had already set and the night was forecast to be cold, I decided to wait until morning before turning it loose. Unfortunately I got busy that morning and forgot to release it. One of the cats jumped up on the counter, saw the lizard, and knocked the vase onto the floor. The lizard must have scampered out and soon became a cat toy. Ugh. Poor little guy. I suppose I was redeemed the next day when I found another cold lizard on the patio. This time I carried him to the top of the mesa when I went for walkies. I put it on a fence post where it could catch that last few minutes of sun before it set. It must have worked because I looked back over my shoulder and it had scurried off into the desert.
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