Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
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Live from tenax's

I am currently at Tenax's lair catching up on LJ while he cooks dinner and overzen plays video games. The three of us and kit_foxy went for a hike in the mountains just to the west of Socorro. It was an absolutely WONDERFUL day. The sun was bright and temps were in the 70's. Also here are indicoyote and skitzycat.

Tomorrow I will say goodbye to zen for about a week. I will then be flying up to Denver to hang with thrashbear for a few days before attending a meeting. I will then fly to Salt Lake City for a two-day meeting, but after the meeting I will spend a little more time with zen and wipeout_ut. I then have my first fursuiting gig in Zunipup at a block party near Monroe and Central next Saturday. So I will be a very busy bear for the next week. I'll hopefully have a breather next Sunday. *hugs* I love you all!
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