Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Thanksgiving Post

This is one of the most mellow Thanksgivings we have had at Fur Central in many years. Last year we had a wedding the next day so things were very hectic. This year we still have Kitty in recovery mode, so the downstairs bedroom was not available for guests. Our long-time guests albear and dexter_fox also decided that having Al suffer from horrible allergies due to our cats was not a good thing. We're still working on finding out some sort of alternative. Even though I'm not cooking for a bunch of people, I still have been doing a lot of cooking. I made the cranberry sauce last night as well as a holiday fruit bread for breakfast. The turkey is in the oven as are the acorn and butternut squashes. Kitty made a low-carb crustless pumpkin pie last night. We're just kicking back watching the Macy's Parade and football. NBC is really pushing their soon-to-be-aired version of "The Wiz." I'm murring over the Cowardly Lion costume (especially the hawt paws). Mesa is now watching the dog show on NBC. Hopefully he doesn't knock over the big screen t.v. as he tries to get all of the dogs on the screen.

So Happy Thanksgiving to all of my LJ friends! *HUGS*
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