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What's On At Fur Central

I mentioned in yesterday's post that we did a little binge watching over the weekend. Here's the scoop.

"Transparent" - Amazon - This show really sneaked under the radar since everyone was talking about Netflix, AMC, or HBO. A hit show on Amazon?!? Oh, hell yeah! It's the story about a middle-aged father who comes out to his adult kids that he feels he's a woman trapped in a man's body (Reminiscent of the wonderful 2003 movie "Normal" with Tom Wilkinson). This was true binge-watching material. As soon as an episode was over we immediately wanted to watch the next one. It was that good. The episodes were only 30 minutes each, so it was easy to blow through season 1. Good stuff!

"The Man in the High Castle" - Amazon - I had heard a lot of buzz about this show, so we gave it a try. I took the bait but have still not swallowed the hook. Kitty has started to swim away. The plot is definitely intriguing; the US lost WWII when Germany invaded and nuked DC. Japan then invaded the west coast. The story takes place about 20 years after the loss. I'm finding the small stories involving individuals pretty uninteresting, but I am loving the politics of the rising tensions between the Germans and Japanese as they vie for control. Then there's the power struggle developing within the Nazi Party as Hitler is nearing death. I'll give it a few more episodes.

"The Walking Dead" - AMC - This season there appeared to be a major shakeup as they allegedly killed off a major, well-loved character. It turns out he survived a zombie onslaught by crawling under a dumpster. Some critic said that "jumping the shark" should be updated to "crawling under the dumpster." I'm hoping the show finds its way in the last episode(s) of the season. We have been watching for years now and it seems to be stumbling along like "Lost" did many years ago. There is a fine line they're skating between endless zombie attacks (which gets boring very quickly) and nothing but interpersonal dialogue (which also gets boring very quickly). It looked like they were even bringing in teen romance in the later episodes. Nothing kills a series quicker than that garbage especially in the context of a zombie apocalypse. I'm hoping someone gets eaten...and quickly!

"Homeland" - Showtime - I liked this show about spies in the CIA when it first came out a few years ago. I was glad the original story arc ended after season 3 because it really started to get stale. Season 4 was a disaster. The shark had been jumped. Just end the series already. And then there was season 5. The show has redeemed itself and the plot is very engaging. Nice to have you back!

"The Muppets" - ABC - Someone on my LJ posted about the show and so we checked it out. It's wonderful! They borrowed the concept of the "flimsy 4th wall" from "The Office" and got rid of the laugh track. It so works! It's extremely funny and well written. Plus it has bears!
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