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Live from thrashbear's

I got to Denver yesterday afternoon. TBear was supposed to meet me at the airport, but I beat him by about 5 minutes. We quickly hooked up and proceeded to his den. A quick few phone calls soon had a furmeet set up for downtown Boulder. We picked up furitz, his roomate kohath, and Muke's mate ariklion. At 6p we met up with tekfox and direwolf123. Also in attendance was strmwlf and lonewolf_csu. We played typical furries and sat around for several minutes deciding where to eat. Someone mentioned a Mongolian BBQ, and it was decided! So we all stuffed ourselves silly at the BBQ place. It was great to meet more cool furs. After dinner, most of us headed over to Muke's and Fritz' where we just sat around and yerfed for a few hours. The party eventually broke up and TBear and I retreated to his den. We both crashed pretty hard. How hard? (keep it clean, guys!) We stumbled out of bed just before noon. After a tasty breakfast at Village Inn, we made a pilgrimage to Home Depot and then off to the movies. I don't go to horror movies as a rule, but we went to see "Dawn of the Dead." I was pleasantly surprised. It was very well done. And now we're off to the restaurant where TBear works to have dinner. *HUGS*
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