Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Muh Meat

I think I just purchased the most expensive cut of meat in my life. Kitty and I went to Costco today to get a few things. One thing that has been bugging me has been what to serve for Christmas dinner. Since it will probably be just Kitty and myself, it shouldn't be THAT big of thing, but on the other paw, I want to cook something nice for us. It has become folklore between Kitty and myself of our first Christmas together. I wanted to cook a nice fresh trout for us. I botched the preparation so badly that I ended up screaming obscenities at the fish while stabbing it with a knife. Kitty hid under the table. So what would I cook this year?

In our conversations with scritchwuff there has been talk about getting a standing rib roast. The only problem with something like that, however, is that it would be a large hunk of meat, much too large for just 2 people. So while at Costco today I noticed a boneless ribeye roast that was only 4 lbs, about half of most of the other roasts. So I decided to buy it. The only downside was that it was just under $20/lb. Oh what the hell! So I spent over $70 for a nice hunk o' meat. Now the trick will be to roast it to a perfect rare and have a wonderful Christmas dinner together with muh Kitteh.
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