Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Prime Rib

I cooked up my $70 hunk o' prime rib yesterday and it came out perfectly! I read a lot about cooking roasts and followed what I thought were the most common sense things. Low and slow is the way to do it. After rubbing it with garlic, fresh-ground pepper, and thyme, I put it in a 450 oven for about 10 minutes before turning down the heat to 275. I put a meat thermometer in the center and cooked it for about 2 hours. I wanted to pull it out at a temp of 130 but slightly overshot it. It didn't matter. I let it rest for 30 minutes and then cut cut it. Nailed it! It was a gorgeous pink inside with a nicely seared outer layer. It cut like butter. The only downside was that there was almost no drippings or au jus. Oh well. It was plenty tasty. scritchwuff came over to share in the meaty goodness. I gave him a good bottle of bourbon for a gift and we finished about half of it. Yeah, I don't remember too much after we finished "A South Park Christmas." Tonight it's Kitty's turn to cook. She bought a big ass ham. We'll have some friends over to help eat it.
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