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Live from wipeout_ut's

I'm sitting at Wipeout's laptop set up on the kitchen table right now. Today he, Twolf and I took a trip up to The Golden Spike National Monument. Being the train nut that I am, I had wanted to visit the site where the transcontinental railroad was finished 134 years ago. I had visited the site 24 years ago, but wanted to go back to see if I would appreciate it more. I did. The weather was teh suck. It rained most of the way up there. And so now there is a furmeet going on with about 7 furs in attendance. I'll write more about it later.

Yesterday was a very nice day. I got back to Salt Lake at around 3p after 2 days of meetings in Provo. The meeting went very well. My sweetie overzen stopped by the motel for a little snuggling before calling wipeout_ut to meet him for dinner. We ended up going to the Porcupine Bar and Grill. Good food, good beer, good friends. A great evening! We dropped Wipeout back at his den and zen and I retreated to the motel for some cuddly sleep.

I will be back in ABQ tomorrow morning just in time to do fursuiting in the afternoon. I heard a rumor that we may have the Net back at work. Cross your claws!
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