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The Debut of Zunipup

First and foremost I am back at my den in ABQ after my week long business/pleasure excursion. Last night's furmeet was a pretty good time. Just a bunch of furs chillin' and playing games of one sort or another. In attendance was the host, wipeout_ut, my sweetie overzen, tugsie, the DDR maniac t_wolf, pyro_flame, and his mate skavenb. The party broke up around midnight after a few rounds of "Apples and Apples."

I thought I would breeze through the airport. C'mon! Saturday morning in Salt Lake City. No worries! WRONG! The Delta counter looked like it was the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Thank doG for express e-ticket check-in. Maybe security won't be that bad. WRONG! But wait! They open up the international terminal. I breeze right through! Yay!

After dumping my stuff off at home, I quickly round up my fursuit and accessories and head over to the gig. It's a block party put on by the Red Cross. Animal Humane has their mobile adoption trailer set up. I duck inside the office and soon emerge as Zunipup! I start working the crowd and make my way to the stage area where there is a dance floor set up. They're cranking out '70's disco, so I get down with it right away. I really need a handler!!! I was lead over to Orbit, the mascot for the Albuquerque Isotopes. I soooooo wanted my pic taken with him! I then put on my a-game to outshine him. Oh yeah! You got NUTHIN! He's good at working the crowd because he's "famous" but I get kids running up to me to dance. Yeah, I could be a professional. I also spend almost 3 hours non-stop in suit. Let's see Mr Fancy Pants mascot match that! "Listen Orbit you ain't leading by 2 things, Jack and Shit. And Jack left town." I had fun with another "fursuiter" the whole afternoon. She was a gal in an open-faced bear suit. She hung around me a lot. She kept reminding me of zen and his raccoon suit. I hugged and skritched her a whole bunch during the afternoon. She dug it. *giggles*

And now I am exhausted. Life will resume as normal for the next 2 weeks,
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