Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Price Wars

Just before I left for FC gasoline was going for about $1.80/gal. I got pwn3d on my trip when I saw a station out in the middle of the desert selling gas for $1.99. Hah! I'll just wait until the next "big" town. When I pulled into town I was definitely on "E". Gas price...$2.20. D'oh! The sticker shock got even worse when I got to CA and saw that gas was going for close to $3 (especially just off of the 5). WTF?!? I got a pleasant surprise, however, when I pulled back into ABQ and saw that the Vallero station I pass every day on my way home from work was selling petrol for $1.50! While the station isn't outrageous, it is fairly high compared to someplace like Costco. It definitely isn't like a station a few miles away that is consistently 20-30 cents higher than everyone else (and yet there are always customers! WTF?!?) Why was Vallero so cheap? Because a new Neighborhood Walmart just opened up next door with its own gas station. Either they are getting cheap gas or these are just introductory prices, but their prices have been on par with Costco. I was at Costco the other day and saw that the price had dropped to $1.47. I didn't stop because the line was huge (LMD!) I decided to try the new Walmart. Score! $1.46! I know these good times won't last forever, but I will enjoy them while they're here.
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