Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Oscar-Nominated Animated Shorts

Yes, it's that time of year again when our local art-house cinema shows the nominees for those obscure categories up for Academy Awards. Here's what we saw:
"Sanjay’s Super Team" - I guess this is Disney showing that it can be multi-cultural. It's the story of 2 generations of Hindus, the father who is deeply into the religion and his young son who only cares about super heroes. The boy then has a vision of the gods acting as super heroes to defeat evil. I guess it's going to depend on how the Academy feels this year. Normally they like independent filmmakers as opposed to the big studios, but Disney won last year. We shall see. Overall, not bad.

"We Can't Live Without Cosmos" - 2 Russian cosmonauts become best friends but only one gets to go to space where he goes missing. The other then goes crazy with grief. Interesting plot. Fairly plain animation. A nice story, but I don't see a winner.

"Bear Story" - Oh no. No bias here. *lol* A bear builds an intricate clockwork diorama that tells his story of how he was kidnapped by the circus and torn from his family. Nice story. Nice animation. My pick, but probably a long shot to win.

"World of Tomorrow" - Why this was nominated, I don't know. Crappy stick-figure art and a marginal story about a clone from the future coming back in time to visit the original version who is 2-years old.

"Prologue" - A beautifully rendered film about 4 ancient warriors battling to the death. In terms of artwork, it should definitely win. Lots of blood and violence, however, including someone getting a spear through his junk. Ow.

Other films shown:
"The Short Story of a Fox and a Mouse" - Furry points! A cute film from Canada about a fox who pursues a mouse but eventually becomes friends with it as it saves it from a couple of owls.

"Catch It" - A French film from someone who has seen "Ice Age" too many times. Replace Skrat with a bunch of meerkats and an acorn with a piece of fruit, and you basically have the plot. Still, it gets lots of furry points for being so damn cute.

"If I Was God" - A schoolboy wonders what it would be like to be God. It was probably my least favorite movie of them all. Nothing remarkable at all.

"The Loneliest Stoplight" - A film from animator Bill Plympton. The saga of a stoplight in the middle of nowhere who finally gets his moment of greatness. Really cute.
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