Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Oscar-Nominated Documentaries

You can tell that I must prefer reality over fantasy in that I have only seen 1 film up for Best Picture but I have now seen all 5 films up for Best Documentary. I guess it's easier to see documentaries nowadays with the advent of streaming services. Heck, 2 of the nominated films were produced by Netflix, so of course they were readily available On Demand. In the "bad old days" before teh Interwebs these poor movies would languish in a no-man's land that few would ever see unless you lived in a major city. So here are this year's selections.

"Amy" - The story about the all-too-short life of Amy Winehouse. I'm betting this will win since people are familiar with her music and her tragic death at such a young age. It's the classic rock-n-roll story of living fast and dying young. She had an amazing voice and could have been so great with a long career.

"What Happened, Miss Simone?" - Another film about a talented singer/musician who went down the dark path. She was an amazing jazz singer who put herself out there on the front lines during the Civil Rights Movement. She then battled an abusive husband and mental illness. This was my personal pick for winner.

"Cartel Land" - This was a rather interesting film about vigilantism on both sides of the US/Mexican border to fight the drug cartels. Most of the story revolves around the Mexican side where villagers rise up in sort of a "Magnificent Seven" kind of way to battle the banditos.

"Winter on Fire - Ukraine's Fight For Freedom" - A very interesting inside perspective of what went on in the Ukraine a few years ago when the president sided with Russia instead of the E.U. and a civil war broke out. Let's just say that they don't show a lot of shit on the US news.

"The Look of Silence" - The companion piece to "The Art of Killing" which was nominated 2 years ago. The filmmaker confronts leaders in Indonesia who took part in death squads in the 60's where thousands were killed and tortured. The director said it best that it would be like asking the SS about the Holocaust if Germany had won the war. These men were proud of what they did and had little to no remorse about the brutality they inflicted.
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