Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Oscar-Nominated Live-Action Shorts

Today was the third and final showing of the nominees in the "short" categories. It will be hard to pick a winner! So much good stuff!

"Ave Maria" - What happens when a Jewish family crashes into a Christian convent in the Arab-occupied West Bank? Sounds like a joke, eh? Hilarity ensues. I especially like the Jew getting mad that calling a taxi to get him to safety would cost so much money. Oi!

"Shok" - The tale of two boys during the war in Bosnia/Serbia. It's just a game until it's not. Very powerful story. Possibly a winner. I certainly hope so.

"Everything Will Be OK." - A routine visit between a divorced father and his daughter turns into an abduction. Incredible acting as the walls close in on the father when his plot goes south. Another possible winner.

"Stutterer" - A man with a debilitating condition of stuttering learns sign language so that he doesn't have to speak. He meets a woman online who he deeply loves but is terrified to meet because of his condition. It turns out that it doesn't really matter because she is deaf. A really nice love story. Probably won't win, though.

"Day One" - It's the first day on the job for an interpreter working for the US troops in Afghanistan. It's also the first day of life for the baby she helps deliver. Probably the winner since the film is from the US and it packs a lot of emotion into 30 minutes. Good stuff!
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