Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Getting Wood

*insert Beavis and Butthead laughter here*
A few months back scritchwuff pruned a cottonwood tree in his yard and donated the wood to my fire pit. It was green so I had to let it cure. Unfortunately is has been taking quite some time to dry out. It seems that during every furmeet someone wants to get a fire going up in the pit. I needed to get some good dry wood so that we could get a really good fire going. I also had a severe lack of small stuff for kindling. I decided to use my day off to head up into the national forest to collect a bunch of small branches. Hmmmm. I was going to the forest to get bundles of sticks. Faggots? *lol* Scritch was not only kind enough to accompany me but also offered to drive his pick-up. We headed up into the Zuni Mountains which are about an hour west of here. The main road was great, but the secondary road was a mud hole. Fortunately Scritch powered through in 4-wheel drive and we found a place that was high and dry with trees right next to the road. I picked up every decent-sized stick I could find, putting them in a small "critter coffin." It only took about 6 minutes to fill it. I then repeated that about 6 or 7 times. In the meantime Scritch used a saw to cut dead branches from the trees close to the road. In about an hour we had the entire back of his truck loaded with wood. We then took it back to FurCentral and unloaded it. *phew* It was a good workout and now there is a heaping pile of wood for the fire pit. We then took it easy on the patio with some Darby's. For those of you familiar with "Black Jesus," there is a fictitious brand of rotgut call "D'arby's. In real life, however, there is a pretty tasty rye whiskey by a similar name. Kitty then cooked up some tasty chicken for dinner, and we finished off the evening with "The Hateful Eight" (thanks to albear. Yar!)
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