Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

February Gardening

We're expecting record high temps today. 70 in February? Yesterday evening I decided to check out some of the perennials I had planted last year. While I cleaned up a bunch of dead vegetation, I noticed that the bases of the plants were nice and green. The dill plant that died quite quickly after I had planted it (but had time to go to seed) is now a small bush. Even the parsley over-wintered nicely. I was also happy to see lots of green below my mint plant. It looks like I'll be enjoying mint juleps again this year! There are also signs of life in the thyme and oregano plants. I'll be very pleased if I can get some sort of perennial herb garden going. Fresh herbs are wonderful. I'll also expand my drying program so that I'll never have to buy herbs again. This year I hope to add rosemary and marjoram. I'll try catnip again, but this time I'll put a little fence around it. I think Diva loves parsley as well. I threw a bunch of dead leaves on the patio and she ended up rolling in them. She was completely covered in them when she finished.
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