Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Furry Origins

When I first discovered the fandom back in '02, one of my favorite things to read was other peoples' "coming out" stories. I guess it all went to that strengthening of that feeling of "I'm not alone!" Everyone had a different story, but there was always that "Ah-ha!" moment when the brain clicked that this was someplace you belonged (mentally). My story was a little interesting because I would have jumped into the fandom with both paws had it existed in 1985. I always consider that my "Year 0." By October of that year I was wearing a rented fursuit. The one thing that got the whole ball rolling, however, was a trip to a comic book shop.

One of my roommates was a total gaming geek. He loved those strategy games with massive maps that took days to play. He loved the games so much that he eventually flunked out because he spent so much time playing them instead of studying. He invited me on a trip to the comic book store because he had heard about a hot new comic. It was "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." This is the very comic I bought that day.


I actually had it signed by the creator, Peter Laird, when he was GoH at AC '05. While the comic was great, it was an ad on the inside cover that caught my eye:


Wow. Something just exploded in my brain when I saw that. I thought comic books were just Batman and Superman! What was this?!? I MUST HAVE!! Another trip to the comic book store and I found it! OMG! I was in heaven! The illustrations were nothing like I had seen before. I instantly fell in love with Erma Felna. I was hooked. I was a furry. It just took another 17 years to realize just what that was. For the next 5 or so years I collected as many anthropomorphic comics as I could. I still have boxes and boxes of them safely stored in the closet. I should take them out and relive some memories. I know there is a special edition of a fanzine that featured the hot anthro artists of the day. Heck. There might be some friends in there!
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