Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


Last night's furmeet was a resounding success. I think everyone was in the mood to just get shitfaced in the name of St Patrick. Once again I ended up with more liquor than I started with. That's in addition to the 100+ Jello shooters that were being passed around. I cooked up 13 lbs of corned beef. It was not enough to feed the 50+ people that showed up. A pizza run was made later in the evening and $100 worth was 'za was purchased. Of course there were some new faces and they reveled in the opportunity to let their furriness out and be social with a bunch of like-minded people. It seems that more and more fursuiters are also showing up. It definitely adds to the atmosphere. I myself donned Nevada after partaking in a reading from the Green Book. How come nobody ever told me that fursuiting while stoned was so much fun! The upper patio was definitely the epicenter for most of the party. The fire pit was also a great gathering point. Unlike at previous St Paddy's parties only a few Irish car bombs were consumed. Perhaps because everyone was getting hammered with the variety of drinks being made. I was good and tried to stick to beer. Since I was drinking Miller Lite, however, I had to add some flavor with a little whiskey. Hey. Somebody brought it. Free beer is free beer (even if it is Miller Lite). I suppose the other good thing that came out of the party was that several furs who had decided to splinter off from our group since we were not cool enough suddenly found themselves back at Fur Central. It seems our group was pretty damn fun after all.
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