Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Looking at Jobs

A notification for a job opening in the office came into my inbox the other day. What caught my eye was that it would be a promotion. I'm sure I would be qualified. It would simply mean jumping over to another division. The downside is that I know who would be my supervisor and he is sort of a Lumberg. He's a nice enough guy. We frequently socialize around the water cooler, but he is a pretty ineffectual manager. With that being said it still comes down to 5 years with him or five years with my current boss. I told Kitty if I stay here it would be like eating a bowl of shit. If I transfer, it could still be like eating a bowl of shit only with whipped cream and a cherry. Money is a big issue. If I put in 3 years at the higher salary, that goes into the calculation of my retirement pay. Not a small issue!

Just by chance I noticed another job opening in another city that would also be right up my alley. This is quite the conundrum. I really have no desire to move, but it is in a location that would be on my short list of desirable places to live. I might put in for it and see where it goes. Knowing my luck, it won't go anywhere. I just have to roll the dice.
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