Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Game of Furries

Next weekend is the start of S6 of "Game of Thrones!" *squee* It's the first time that readers of the books are just as much in the dark as those who only know the HBO series (although from what I have heard they are finally using some sub-plots from the last book that were not included in S5). One of the biggest cliffhangers in both the books and the show is the fate of Jon Snow, one of the most popular and beloved characters. He was left for dead with multiple stab wounds in both. The show, however, seems much more definitive that he is dead. It wouldn't be a surprise if George R R Martin killed him off because that's his style. On the other paw not only was the character very popular, but the actor that portrays him, Kit Harington, is a heartthrob. My theory, which is one shared by many, is that Jon's soul was transferred into the body of Ghost, his dire wolf companion. In one of the books there is a chapter where a warg, one who can project his mind into an animal, puts his soul into an animal before he dies. You can't keep your soul in there forever, however, because you will eventually lose your identity to the animal. To me that sounds like a perfect "out" to the dilemma. does for the character but not for the actor. There lies the problem. Everyone loves the actor as much as the character. I read that people were very turned on by Harrington. Would they be turned on by a wolf? That would be just wrong! I whistled innocently to myself. *grins*
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