Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Meow Wolf

A few weeks ago I decided that I was going to take the day off on my birthday. Kitty decided to join me. She asked me what I wanted to do, and I thought about taking the train up to Santa Fe for the day. I had figured we would just walk around, have lunch at a nice restaurant, and then head on home. The train schedule, however, sucked. Maybe we could drive up. And do what? Just about that time there was a news story about Meow Wolf. It was a new art "museum" that had just opened up there. It was quickly becoming the most popular spot in the city. Maybe we should check it out. BTW...The story was some PC bullshit about concern that the museum would cause gentrification. *facepaws*

So we headed up there today. I must say it was about the coolest thing I have ever done in NM. How can one explain what we experienced. It was part adult funhouse, part total-immersive art exhibit, part paranormal experience. You start in a normal-looking house with some bizarre exceptions. Everything can be touched and examined. If there is a door, see if it can open. Are there drawers and cabinets? Open them. Are there books and papers laying about? Pick them up and read them. I realized just how deep things went when I was watching a music video and tried to pick out what group it was. It had the "MTV" logo in the corner. It must have been from the 80's or 90's. Finally Kitty told me that it wasn't "MTV" but "MWT," Meow Wolf Television. The group, who I thought was perhaps The Flaming Lips or Ween, was probably some local band. I didn't recognize the name. Later I started watching a movie that was playing in a hallway full of televisions. Huh. I wonder what show/movie that was. Finally I realized it was the movie of what happened in the house when the son opened up a portal into another dimension and his mother tried to rescue him by following the portal which had opened up in their refrigerator. If you go into the kitchen and open the refrigerator, it's a door into the trans-dimensional travel agency. Trippy stuff! One of the coolest things was what I'm calling a "laser theremin." You enter a fog-filled room with lasers going from ceiling to floor. If you break the beams, musical notes play. There is also a musical L.E.D. mastodon skeleton where notes play when you hit the bones with mallets. I could go on and on about all of the secret passageways and cool stuff, but I'll just let pictures tell some of the story.

Sculpture outside the building

Strange creature in the polar room

Here's the fish tank in the "normal" house living room

Around the corner you actually go into the fish tank

This was a book inside the little girl's bedroom. Do you want to be a monster or a bunny?

View of one small section of the exhibit

Open up a cabinet in the bizarre kitchen, and this is what you find

The musical mastodon

One of my favorite rooms. All of the walls were cartoons.

More walls

Even the furniture

The Laser Theremin

More cool furry sculptures

The Giant Bunny Room. For scale, I completely fit in the doorway below his paw

You'll never think of Batman the same way ever again. A portrait in one of the hallways.

This was actually in the men's room. The walls were completely done in strange photomurals.

Another cool thing was that I decided to ask about the possibility of fursuiting the exhibit. Normally such a request would be met by looks of confusion. The guy I talked to (who was one of the artists) thought that it would be an awesome idea. Kitty showed him a pic of the 2 of us in suit. He liked that. We told him it was taken on our wedding day. He loved that!
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