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The Perfect Storm

I'm not a meteorologist, but I play one on t.v. *chuckles* Following the weather is a hobby of mine since I need to somewhat be able to predict the weather when determining how much to release from our reservoirs. This Winter's snowpack had been leading up to a normal Spring runoff. There probably wouldn't be a crisis until late in the year (if that). We are always afraid of hot, dry winds that could suck the moisture right out of the snow while it's still sitting in the mountains. This year the runoff season started extremely early. There were high flows in the Rio Grande weeks before they should have happened. We were afraid that Nature may be shooting its load way too early, leaving a limp dick by June or July (my analogy *grins*).

I watched the forecast a few days ago with great interest. There was a storm brewing that had great potential. Normally we get storms that blow through from west to east. They are over in a few hours. This one looked different. There was a high probability of the low pressure to just sit over the region for days and pump moisture up from the gulfs of Mexico and California. Add to that a cold front pushing in from the north, and it looked like a major precipitation event. WHOOT! It happened!

It started pouring last night. I was having a nice chat with camerapup and carol_kitty when I noticed a bright flash. WTF?!? *BOOM* Yay! Thunder! I continued to chat until there was a *FLASH BOOM!* Eeeep! That was close! I shut down the computer and went outside to watch the storm. Sheets of wonderful rain came pouring down! It looked more like a July monsoon than a March rainstorm. I prayed that it was snowing like hell up in the mountains. A quick check of the snow stations this afternoon showed a few more inches had fallen. It looks like we'll be able to make it through this year with little difficulty. The storm should continue for at least another 48 hours. I was just out walking Anubis and got hailed on. I don't mind one bit!

In other news....ATTENTION ALL AC GOERS...(especially Quentin) THE MEAD HAS BEEN BOTTLED!! "Forty-acre Woods Mead" will soon be ready to drink. I had a glass this morning while bottling and it is some good stuff! One glass gave me quite the buzz. Now all I have to do is find a picture of Pooh with his head in the honey jar and I will have labels!
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