Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


The weather finally turned Spring-like yesterday, so I was able to go out and appreciate my garden a little more. Here is the latest pic from the upper patio. There's a little more color since the last pic I posted 2 weeks ago. In the xeriscaped side there are several things blooming as well. I have some wild ground cover that has sprung up and is starting to form a "carpet" of purple. I also have a wild desert primrose which may or may not be related to one I tried to transplant from the mesa last year. I should have a "wall" of day lilies blooming next week. I'm looking forward to that. I think I mentioned in my last garden post that albear would be having a fit if he sat on the upper patio. The place is really buzzing with bees as they happily go about their business. I've even had a hummingbird pay a visit to my batch of red flowers. Here's the pic:


I wanted to mention that my love of wildflowers is not restricted to the yard. On the drive to and from BLFC, I was noticing all of the wildflowers blooming alongside the road. The varieties would constantly shift from place to place. Sometimes there would be patches of red. Sometimes purple. Sometimes yellow. Perhaps the most dramatic was in Nevada just to the west of Tonopah. The entire side of a mountain had an orange tint to it. I realized that it was completely covered in blooming globe mallow. The contrast in seasons between this trip and the Great '12 Rainfurest Road Trip was striking. On that trip the roadside color was provided by aspen trees in the high country turning yellow for Fall. The low desert where the wildflowers now bloom was brown and parched.
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