Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Brave New World

I just finished book #4 in the summer reading program. Once again, like "1984," I'm glad I read the book as an adult instead of in high school. I think I could better appreciate what Huxley was trying to say as well as seeing how far down the road we have traveled into that brave new world. I was happy to see that he set part of the story in New Mexico, but at the same time I totally did not appreciate his concept of a concentration camp environment which seemed to be exclusively Indian. I would have thought it would be more for anyone who developed that evil streak of self interest and freedom. I also read his follow-up to the book which he wrote years later. He had some interesting points especially in the use by Big Business and Big Government of psychological techniques to either sway the public or keep them under control. You could almost say that the major political parties have used the book as their game plan. I wonder what he would say about the post-911 era where we have come to accept constant fear and perpetual war. I see that there is a movie version out there, but someone has told me that it's shit. Supposedly Spielberg has been wanting to make a version, but it's been on the back burner.

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